HYSQIA – is a story of woman’s love to herself and the desire to live a fulfilling life at any age. Our products are created for active women who travel often, are always ready for adventures. For young ladies and women, mothers and wives, who always find time to take care of their bodies.

Franca Scala Cova – the creator of the brand HYSQIA – was born in Northern Italy, right on the border with Switzerland. From her early years, Lausanne became her second home. Every time falling in love with the landscapes of that beautiful country: its marvelous lakes, mountains and elegantly dressed ladies of that time.

From a young age, she was devotedly interested in cosmetics, fascinated by all sorts of beauty and care products. In the 1980s Switzerland was widely known for its ski resorts, watches, chocolate and banks: any product originated here was believed to be of the highest quality. It was exactly when Franca created her first cosmetic line in Switzerland manufactured at the clinic’s facilities. After stunning worldwide success, Franca’s inspiration was unstoppable – the birth of HYSQIA was predetermined and the creation of the brand in 2008 was way ahead of its time.

After 30 years of successful experience in the creation of body and facial beauty products, Franca got a simple though genius idea – to create a specialized intimate care line to mitigate the effects of hormonal changes, different climates and water during travels and long, enduring flights, as well as to ensure incredibly fulfilling love life at any age.

Franca Scala Cova
Only a woman is able to understand and convey the magical and fragile complexity of the female body and its needs
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